03/01/2015 01:10 EST | Updated 05/01/2015 05:59 EDT

GoFundMe set up to support grieving mother Kristy Vinall

People in Kamloops are rallying around Kristy Vinall after her three-year-old daughter Khalia died on Valentine's Day following an accident where she fell down the stairs.

"This is my best friend. This is a little girl who spent numerous Sunday nights at my house playing with my son. It hits home for me big time," Kaisha Shilleto, who set up a Go Fund Me page to support Vinall, told Daybreak Kamloops' Shelley Joyce.

Shilleto met Vinall at Bailey's Pub, where they both work as servers.

Vinall hasn't been working since her daughter's death.

"I'm already watching her suffer so much, and I can't even imagine that something so silly and simple as money is going to force her to go back to work and not have the necessary time to grieve."

Shilleto said the money raised will cover basic costs like rent and utilities as well as funeral costs and grief counselling.

"This is the unimaginable. Nobody wants to ever have to think about this happening to themselves."

The fundraiser's goal is set to $10,000 — the maximum amount allowed by the website.

"I set the bar as I high as I could … if we could even get close to that, it would be phenomenal," she said.

"I don't think this is a week or two weeks or a month-long break that she needs from work. I think it could be up to a year, and I want to give her all the time she needs."

To hear the full interview with Kaisha Shilleto, click the audio labelled: GoFundMe set up for Kristy Vinall.