03/01/2015 02:33 EST | Updated 05/01/2015 05:59 EDT

More Rob Ford merchandise goes on the eBay auction block

As promised, Coun. Rob Ford continues to sell off some of his belongings, including those tied to some of the most controversial moments of his mayoral term.

On Sunday, Ford tweeted that he'd added new items to eBay, which the public can bid on.

Those new items include various sports jerseys, a coat he wore as a football coach, and a sweatshirt that many people around the world familiar with his name may recognize.

On eBay, Ford describes the sweatshirt as the one he wore when he went jogging with a National Post reporter in 2012.

The description says the sweatshirt is not a replica and "there is only one of these in existence."

The sweatshirt also looks very similar to the one Ford wore in a widely-published photo, in which he was standing alongside three men — one of whom was later shot dead in Toronto. The eBay description does not mention this event.

As with a number of the other items Ford is selling, the successful bidder is promised a signed "certificate of authenticity" for the item.

He was criticized for his heavy involvement in coaching when Ford served as mayor. There was also an incident in which  a pair of TTC buses were sent to pick up his players.

The team went to the playoffs with Ford at the helm, but the Eagles lost a championship game that was held at Rogers Centre. Ford was later dropped as the coach of that team after the school board reviewed some remarks he had made about Don Bosco and its students during a television interview.

Bidding for tie now above $13,000

A few days ago, Ford had put the tie he wore on the day he first admitted to smoking crack cocaine up for auction. As of early Sunday afternoon, the bidding had topped $13,000 for that particular item.

His original admission of crack use came a few days after police confirmed the existence of the so-called crack tape — something Ford had denied for months.

The following spring, Ford went to rehab after pictures emerged showing the then-mayor holding what appeared to be a crack pipe. When he came back from rehab, he admitted that he was holding a crack pipe in that image.

Ford served as the city's mayor for a single term. He ran for re-election last fall, but withdrew after being diagnosed with cancer.

Instead, Ford put his name on the ballot in Ward 2, where he served as a councillor for a decade before he became mayor.

He was elected in Ward 2, which is why he remains on council today alongside Mayor John Tory.

Ford has said he'll run again in 2018, provided his health is good enough to do so.