03/02/2015 09:01 EST | Updated 05/02/2015 05:59 EDT

Alyx Delaloye, cancer-fighting girl, thanks Jets fans, meets team

Alyx Delaloye came back to say "Thank you."

The seven-year-old girl who is fighting cancer was back at MTS Centre last night, holding up a sign for the crowd as the Jets took on the Los Angeles Kings.

Last week, the girl from Neepawa, Man., and her family were shown on the Jumbotron of a Jets–Stars game. Alyx, who was diagnosed with leukemia in July and is going through her sixth round of chemotherapy, was shown on the arena Jumbotron with a poster that said, "Chemo by day, Jets by night".

Both teams saluted her by banging their sticks on the ice and the crowd gave her a standing ovation. After that game, Jets' centreman Jim Slater, who has a young daughter of his own, called Alyx inspiring.

And social media exploded in support for the little girl, with people posting messages wishing her good luck.

On Sunday, Alyx and her family were back as guests of the Jets and given seats not far from the glass, where she could see the game up close.

The Jumbotron camera found her again and an excited Alyx scrambled to stand on her seat and hold up a sign saying, "Thank you everyone."

Once again she received an ovation as well as a hug from Jets' mascot Mick E. Moose.

And then, something unexpected — a little boy a few rows ahead of her walked up the stairs and handed her a Jets souvenir hockey stick.

A shocked-looking Alyx turned to her parents as the boy walked back to his seat.

She then went to the boy and wrapped her arms around him, burying her head against him with a loving thanks.