03/02/2015 04:52 EST | Updated 03/02/2015 04:59 EST

What Would Happen If A Gigantic Asteroid Hit Earth? This. (VIDEO)

We've all imagined it. We've seen "Deep Impact," "Armageddon" and other disaster movies, and we've watched as the asteroid hurtles in from space and causes indescribable disaster on Earth.

But is that what would really happen?

The Discovery Channelran a simulation to see what damage a gigantic asteroid hitting our planet would cause -- and whether or not it would be an extinction-level event, as is so commonly depicted in movies.

It turns out that yes, sadly, we'd be obliterated should this horrific event ever happen, but it may not culminate quite like you've been led to believe.

See for yourself in the video, above.

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