03/02/2015 03:53 EST | Updated 03/02/2015 03:59 EST

Rob Ford Sweatshirt For Sale On eBay, And It May Be From The Crack Scandal

Rob Ford warned people he'd be selling some controversial items on eBay. This particular item may be the most controversial yet.

Toronto's former mayor is selling a sweatshirt on eBay that a listing says is the same one he wore when he went jogging with the National Post's Ben Kaplan in 2012.

rob ford sweater

But people might recognize it from something else.

The sweatshirt looks very similar to the one Ford was wearing in the notorious picture that surfaced after Gawker reported in 2013 that a cellphone video existed of Toronto’s then-mayor smoking crack.

The Toronto Star also ran the image in its first story on the crack video, reporting that the photo was given to the newspaper by the same person who showed two reporters the clip.

Anthony Smith, one of the men in the photo with Ford, was later shot dead outside a Toronto nightclub.

The eBay listing makes no mention of that occasion, nor the scandal that saw Ford eventually admit to smoking the drug.

The sweatshirt had generated bids as high as $820 as of Monday.

And it's not the only item he's auctioned off on eBay that has drawn plenty of attention online.

It was reported last week that Ford is also selling what appears to be the tie he wore at the 2013 news conference where he admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

That tie had generated bids over $15,000 as of Monday.

Ford, who last week finished radiation treatments for abdominal cancer, is selling the items in an effort to raise money for charity.

Ten per cent of the proceeds will be set aside for liposarcoma research and care facilities, he tweeted.

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