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Alyx Delaloye, Winnipeg Jets Fan With Cancer, Gets Signed Stick And Warms Our Hearts

Sometimes, hockey's best moments happen off the ice.

Sometimes, hockey's best moments happen off the ice.

Cancer patient Alyx Delaloye received a special stick as she thanked the Winnipeg Jets for supporting her fight against the disease at Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Kings, according to Global News.

Delaloye, 7, attended her first-ever Jets game on Wednesday after the team donated tickets to a benefit her uncle organized after her diagnosis last year.

She has been receiving treatment at CancerCare Manitoba, under 200 kilometres from where she lives in Neepawa. Her mother drives with her there during the week, the broadcaster reported.

At Wednesday's game against the Dallas Stars, Delaloye held up a sign that read "Chemo by day ... Jets by night," which was shown on the Jumbotron and drew applause from players on both teams and from fellow fans.

Jets player Jim Slater tried to make contact with her after the game.

Delaloye and her family returned on Sunday as guests of the team when she took a chance to say thanks in person, CBC News reported.

Wearing a "Super Alyx" shirt with her name designed to look like the Superman logo, she held up a sign saying, "Thank you everyone!"

Her uncle designed the shirt after she received her diagnosis, CTV's Josh Crabb tweeted.

After receiving a hug from Jets mascot Mick E. Moose, a boy came up to her seat and handed her a stick signed by defenceman Tyler Myers.

The boy, Keaton Hamin, decided to give it to her after she had come down to his seat to take a look at it.

But that wasn't all. Delaloye and her family also had a chance to meet some Jets players after the game, CTV News reported.

They even wore "Super Alyx" shirts and posed for a photo.

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