03/03/2015 07:21 EST | Updated 05/03/2015 05:59 EDT

Alicia Lander expected to testify in Air Canada Halifax sex act case today

A woman accused of committing a sexual act on an Air Canada plane that landed at the Halifax airport is expected to testify in her own defence at trial today.

Alicia Elizabeth Lander, 25, is charged with committing an indecent act in public, causing a disturbance, assaulting a police officer and property mischief.

According to court records, Jason George Chase, 39, and Lander, 25, are alleged to have participated in an indecent act in a public place on Jan. 24, 2014.

Chase pleaded guilty in January of this year.

Lander's trial began with some graphic testimony.

Air Canada flight service director John Dunn testified earlier this year the woman asked if she could sit next to her friend at the start of the flight.

Dunn said another passenger warned flight attendants to watch them because they wanted to become members of the "mile high club."

He said he went to the seat and found the woman with her pants pulled down and the man's hand in her lap. He said the man was penetrating her. Dunn said he told the woman it was inappropriate and ordered her to get dressed.

The incident was reported to the captain, who arranged to have police meet the plane.

Also testifying was an Air Canada employee who identified Lander and testified she was belligerent the night of the incident as police tried to question her at Halifax Stanfield International Airport once the flight landed.

The employee said Lander's cursing was vulgar.

RCMP Const. James Curran told the court he was one of the responding Mounties on Jan. 24 and could smell liquor on Lander's breath.

He said he warned Lander to keep her voice down or she would be charged with creating a disturbance.

Curran said that as Mounties were escorting her through the airport, Lander kicked a sliding glass door and knocked it off its track. The kicking continued, according to Curran. He said Lander started mule kicking and hit an officer.

After being dragged into an interview room at the airport, Curran said Lander kicked holes in the wall.