03/03/2015 01:07 EST | Updated 09/30/2016 12:13 EDT

Meanwhile In Canada.. Group Uses Moose In Ad To Oppose Harper's Anti-Terror Bill

Only in Canada.

Advocacy group Lead Now has released a new ad encouraging Canadians to speak out against the Conservative government's new anti-terror legislation, and they're playing off a very homegrown fear.

Lead Now has started a petition calling on MPs to "reject fear" by voting against Bill C-51. The organization's petition, which aims for 50,000 signatures, had almost 48,000 on Tuesday morning.

The controversial Bill C-51 would give the federal government sweeping new powers to stop terrorist plots and identify those suspected of terrorist activity.

While the Liberals say they plan to support the legislation, the NDP and other critics say it would give the government too much power. Two law professors say they worry that the bill will add to the government's information-gathering and spying abilities without sufficient oversight of security agencies.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald's comments about the legislation during a talk in Toronto last month sounded a lot like Lead Now's, even if they were less specific to the True North.

“If you are a Canadian citizen, you have a greater chance of dying by being struck by lightning; or by going to a restaurant and eating a meal that will give you an intestinal disease; or by slipping in your bathtub, hitting your head on the ceramic tile than you do dying in a terrorist attack,” he said.


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