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Doctors Say The Average Penis Size Is Smaller Than You Think

Guys, if you've ever wondered how your penis measures up, this new study has the answer.

Researchers at King's College London Medical School have determined what is a 'normal' size and the results might surprise you.

The Guardian reports that only 2.28 per cent chance of men have an abnormally large or small penis, so either way, you can stop worrying.

So what exactly is normal? Well, the average flaccid length comes in at 9.16 cm. while the erect length stands at 13.12 cm. (that's 5.16 in.). And as far as girth goes, the average flaccid penis rounds out at 9.31 cm. or 11.66 cm. erect (4.59 in.).

The study, which looked at the penis sizes of 15,521 men, excluded men with congenital and acquired penile abnormalities, those who had penis surgery and those who complained of erectile dysfunction or small penis size.

In 2012, Dr. David Veale conducted research regarding penis size anxiety, noting that it is often caused by being teased as a child or by an ex-lover. Dr. Veale, who also led the King's College study, explains that size anxiety is very rarely linked to reality. But despite these facts, 30 per cent of men, mostly elderly and gay gentleman, were disappointed with the size of their genitals.

Veale's new findings should help reassure most men that the size of their penis is normal.

Oh and for those of you who still believe you can tell the size of a man's penis by looking at his hands or his feet? According to the study there's no correlation at all, so stop judging.


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