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Most Of Us Didn't Use The Words Vagina And Penis Growing Up.. Here's Why We Should

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Male and Female Sex Organs

If you were reminded of the silly words you used to say to describe your penis and vagina as a child, you'd probably get the giggles. In the world of pee-pees and wee-wees, some parents and kids used just about any nickname to stay away from actual anatomical terms.

In February, Ontario released a brand new sex ed curriculum in schools across the province for the first time in 17 years.

The new curriculum would mean students in grade 1 (roughly about the ages of six and seven) would be able to identify body parts, including genitalia like the penis, testicles, vagina, and vulva by their correct terminology.

While some critics say this age may be too young to learn these terms, we believe teaching kids the right terms also means normalizing their body parts. This can help set the foundation for frank and honest discussions about sex in later years.

In the video above, we asked some of our staff what they used to call their genitals growing up and who taught them these terms. Join in on the conversation by letting us know your childhood penis and vagina nicknames in the comments below:

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