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Quokka Selfies Are The Cutest Selfies

Quokka quokka!

We've seen plenty of animal selfies before, but few are as cute as these ones.

The "quokka selfie" has taken off on Instagram, and it's exposing people to the most adorable animal they've probably never heard of.

The quokka is a small wallaby that can be found in the southwest area of Western Australia, says the Australian Museum.

An early Dutch explorer spotted the animal on an island in the region and described it "as a kind of rat as big as a common cat." He named the island "Rottenest," which means "rat nest," after seeing the quokka. Today, it is known as Rottnest Island.

The marsupial became famous in 2013 for the smile-like curve of its mouth, NPR reported.

But now it's trending again, as people take selfies with the adorable creature and post them to Instagram.

Meet my new friend 😄these guys are far from shy! #quokkaselfie

A photo posted by Natalin 🐨 (@natsjl) on

Though cute, the Australian Museum notes that the quokka is a "vulnerable" species whose habitat on the mainland has been threatened by the dingo and the European Red Fox.

Housing and agricultural development, and logging have also affected the population, though it's safer on Rottnest Island, as there are no foxes there.

Here are some more quokka selfies on Instagram (because we know that's what you came here for):


A photo posted by vaimiticdc (@vaimiticdc) on

Look a quokka! But first let me take a selfie #quokkaselfie #selfie #rottoisland

A photo posted by Aley (@smalimoo) on

Hay mate #quokka

A photo posted by @marty.h on

Anche io voglio un #quokkaselfie ah ah!

A photo posted by Alessia Todeschini 🎀 (@alessiatode91) on

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