03/04/2015 05:49 EST | Updated 03/04/2015 05:59 EST

Rick Mercer Blasts Politics Of Fear Amid Anti-Terror Debate

Rant inspires us all not to give into fear.

Canadians are currently being bombarded with messages about fear, from both the government and the media.

Rick Mercer has some advice: don't give in.

In his latest rant, the host of "The Rick Mercer Report" blasted the politics of fear that could be gripping the country in the midst of debate around Bill C-51, the federal government's controversial anti-terrorism legislation.

Mercer said Prime Minister Stephen Harper likes to remind Canadians of dangers they face, but plenty of things can become scary once you go "down the fear road." For example, the bathroom.

"Do you have any idea how many bad things can happen to you in the bathroom? People die in there every year, hundreds of them," he said. "And I for one would welcome it if, from now on, in every speech the prime minister gave, he would go on at length about the dangers of slip and fall."

And what about the summer?

"It is our deadliest season. And yet we are encouraged to go outdoors," he said. "That needs a rethink."

Mercer concludes that if you want to research all the frightening things in the world, you'll have cause to be afraid.

"But if we give into that fear, we would never debate a bill, go outdoors or take a shower again," he said.

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