03/04/2015 03:13 EST | Updated 03/04/2015 05:59 EST

They Speak A Different Language In Saskatchewan. Here's Proof.

What's a "bunnyhug"?

English and French are Canada's official languages.

But the truth is that people speak many variants of the common tongues, right across the country.

Many are familiar with Newfoundlanders' distinct manner of speaking. But few are as aware of how folks talk in Saskatchewan.

A new ad by Saskatoon-based market research firm Insightrix hits this point home. It shows surveyors from a global company asking a group of Saskatchewanians a few questions about municipal politics.

And they can hardly understand what they're saying.

They don't, for example, understand when a mother says, "Little Jason here spilled Vi-Co all over his bunnyhug."

That means that her son spilled chocolate milk all over his hooded sweatshirt.

The surveyors become increasingly frustrated with the group and eventually go back to their boss with an incomplete report.

So then he calls Insightrix, a company that speaks the same language that the Prairie folk do.

Pronouncing the province's name is hard enough. But communicating with its residents seems to be an art all its own.

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