03/05/2015 07:16 EST | Updated 05/05/2015 05:59 EDT

Beaubien Metro station to close for entire summer of 2015

People living or working near Beaubien Metro should get their alternate transportation plans ready — the STM is closing the station for most of May and all of June, July and August to perform repairs.

Montreal's transit authority has hired Groupe Axino Inc. to carry out $3.6-million worth of renovations to the station.

The STM says 75 per cent of that amount will be financed by Transports Québec as part of the STM's Réno-Infrastructures program. 

The renovations at Beaubien Metro, which opened in 1966, will include installing a new ventilation shaft, replacing the stairs and fixing the floors and walls on the train platforms.

"Although the station is slated to reopen at the end of August, work will continue until January 2016," the STM said in a news release.

There is no mention of whether the renovations include equipping the station with a wheelchair-accessible elevator.

The STM will run shuttle buses from Beaubien to Jean-Talon and Rosemont stations. The transit authority said the buses would run every two to six minutes during rush hour and at a minimum of 10-minute intervals the rest of the day.

In late 2014, the STM announced a new capital expenditures program for 2015-2017 in which it projects spending $2.3 billion on 46 different projects, including the purchase of the new AZUR Metro cars and the completion of renovation work at Berri-UQAM.