03/05/2015 03:07 EST | Updated 03/05/2015 03:59 EST

2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Finalists Look Pretty Cheesy

Canadian Cheese Grand Prix

If you ever needed an excuse to celebrate the great cheeses of Canada (by eating them), that time is right now, folks.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada recently announced this year's Canadian Cheese Grand Prix finalists — the country's collection of some of the best cheeses and cheese-makers.

From the washed or mixed-rind semi-soft cheese (yes, this is an actual category) to the Swisses and the cheddars, this year's selection, like years previous, has come down to three finalists in each category.

We're all well aware cheese in Quebec is pretty gouda — the province's cheeses make up most of the finalist entries — but there are also a good chunk of cheeses from Ontario and Alberta.

And while cheese doesn't always get a perfect rep in the dietary world, your best bet for health is to stay away from cheeses filled with high levels of sodium and preservatives.

Below are 60 cheese entries in 20 categories. You can find all 27 categories here. Don't you wish you had a cracker right about now?

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