Easter Egg Nog, Inspired By Peeps, Ready To Flavour Your Holiday

People with a sweet tooth can rejoice; the rest of us with working taste buds can run away in fear.

Yes, there is such a thing as Easter Egg Nog, and it was inspired by chick-shaped marshmallow candies Peeps. An Illinois dairy company called Prairie Farms (sounds natural!) is making milk products which emulate the one-of-a-kind Peeps flavour, because that's something we all need in our lives.

Another company, Hiland Dairy, is also introducing Jellybean Milk, which delivers exactly what it advertises -- a dairy product that tastes like candy.

These items are not available in Canada at the moment. The worldwide audience seems to be mixed in terms of reaction, with those FOR:

And those AGAINST:

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

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