03/05/2015 05:52 EST | Updated 05/05/2015 05:59 EDT

Hyeon Soo Lim, Canadian pastor in North Korea, being held: reports

A Canadian pastor who went missing in North Korea during a humanitarian trip in January is reportedly being held in the reclusive nation.

According to CNN International, the family of Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim said they received notice from Canadian officials that Pyongyang confirms the pastor is being held.

Lim had travelled to North Korea from China with a companion from his church in Mississauga, Ont., who last spoke with him on Jan. 31.

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Lisa Pak, a spokeswoman for the church, said the 60-year-old pastor went to North Korea on a humanitarian trip as he had done over a hundred times before.

Pak said she doesn't believe Lim would have engaged in any type of proselytizing, which is prohibited in North Korea.

The Light Korean Presbyterian Church said Lim was due to return Feb. 4 from what was described as a "routine" trip to a Rajin in northeastern North Korea where the church supports a nursery, orphanage and nursing home.