03/05/2015 02:21 EST | Updated 03/05/2015 02:59 EST

Octopus Turns The Tables, Steals Camera And Takes Pictures Of Photographer

Question: What has eight legs, lives in the ocean, and can take better photos than you?

Answer: An octopus.

Middlebury College digital media producer Ben Savard was simply trying to take pictures of an octopus being studied by neuroscience students at the college when things took an unexpected turn.

Savard placed the camera into the tank several times before one of the octopuses grabbed the camera and managed to turn it around on him, snapping several photos.

After posting to Reddit, Savard was bombarded with accusations that the photos were fake, to which he responded with a GIF:

After posting the GIF, it became clear that this story does indeed have legs.

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