03/05/2015 08:35 EST | Updated 05/05/2015 05:59 EDT

Port Metro Vancouver by the numbers

The chemical fire at Port Metro Vancouver is now out but Wednesday's emergency raises questions about just how much traffic passes through the port each year and how much of that is handled by DP World, operators of the Centerm Container Terminal where the fire took place.

- $187 billion in goods (based on 2014 cargo volumes) passes through Port Metro Vancouver from more than 160 trading economies each year.

- 140 million tonnes of cargo were handled by the port in 2014.

- 1.6 million shipping containers (20-foot equivalent units) were handled in Vancouver last year, with the port's container cargo expected to increase to 5 million containers by 2020.

- $1,200 per container is the estimated value to the regional economy in the provision of value-added goods and services, according to Port Metro Vancouver. 

- 12,573,833 containers from China passed through PMV in 2014, making it the leading trading country by some margin. The second biggest trading company was Japan with 2,507,436 shipping containers.

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