03/05/2015 08:55 EST | Updated 05/05/2015 05:59 EDT

Public online sex shows bring in big bucks, says woman who alerted CBC

Public sex shows streamed online from libraries, parks and coffee shops are a big, lucrative business, according to a performer in the industry.

A cam girl who goes by the name Juju, alerted CBC News about sex shows being streamed from branches of the Windsor Public Library, some with unsuspecting library users, including children, in the background. At times members of the public can be seen interacting with the model.

A CBC News investigation into Juju's claim found more than 50 such shows were streamed by a cam model named lilsecrett from two branches over a three-month period. She can be seen flashing her breasts, masturbating and using sex toys in the videos that are archived and still for sale online. In one video, she is caught and asked to leave the Riverside branch.

CBC News has identified the woman in the graphic videos. She's a 21-year-old from the Windsor area. CBC News is not disclosing her name because there are no criminal charges filed against her, and because there have been threats to her personal safety.

Juju said some women can make up to $100,000 a month. 

Another performer, Awesome Kate, who works for My Free Cams, told CBC's Q that women make $20 an hour, on average. She said money is one of the reasons she started performing. 

Juju, who is based in Ohio, has been performing her own live shows for about six months and explained money is one of the driving forces behind performing in front of the camera in public places.

"The reason she's going to the library is because it's become very lucrative" she told CBC News. "A lot of models are making a lot of money doing it ... whether it's the library or at a public park."

Juju said on the other side of the screen are members in chat rooms, requesting specific acts and sometimes locations — and they are willing to pay, sometimes a lot, to have their request fulfilled.

Other times, models make their own requests for money.

"A model will say, 'I need 3,000 tokens to show my breast," Juju said. "Three thousand tokens is $150 and they will clear it."

Public places popular

As for why a model would take her act to a public place, Juju said there's a demand for it and it's becoming more popular.

CBC News has also found videos of lilsecrett performing sex shows from coffee shops.

"Many times when girls are doing public shows like that, members are egging them on to take more risks," Juju said. "Do this or do that and we'll tip you this much or that much.

"A lot of models are making a lot of money doing the public shows, whether it's at a library or a public park."

Payment is made through a token system. Users buy tokens and pay women with them. The women are paid in cash and the website takes a percentage.

Larry G. Walters, a lawyer for My Free Cams website, confirmed lilsecrett worked on his client's site. He said she was barred from the site at the same time an Oregon State University student was also banned for performing sex shows in her university's library.

He wouldn't say how many men were viewing lilsecrett at any given time.

"As far as the popularity of the former model, our client also does not release proprietary website traffic statistics.  As an extremely popular website, it is likely that any given model would be seen by many members, during any particular performance," Walters said in an email to CBC News.

Shows at beaches

Juju said she does not have a problem with public shows, but she does have a problem with some of lilsecrett's shows.

In her eyes, public sex shows should not include people who are not aware they're being filmed in the background.

“I’ve seen girls do shows at beaches, and at least no one else is showing up on their feed," she said.

However, in reaction to the CBC News story on lilsecrett, some social media users have made it clear they don't approve of the public shows even when no one else is in the background.

Awesome Kate said women are always experimenting and trying new things.

“I’ve gone through cycles of trying things that I didn’t necessarily exactly want to do, like adopting a different personality. But a lot of the times the guys just bring you so much energy and positive feedback, you end up enjoying what you’re doing,” she told Q. “You basically do whatever you want and I think people will love all the more for it.”