03/05/2015 12:57 EST

Seal Wanders Downtown Halifax Before Police Usher It Home

Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia ...

Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia ...

Two Halifax Regional Police officers are being called "seal whisperers" after an animal was found taking shelter under a vehicle near the waterfront late Wednesday night, according to a news release.

The officers found the seal near Lower Water Street before they wrapped it in a blanket and set it loose in the nearby harbour.

Police released the following photos of the unusual rescue:

This isn't the first time that Nova Scotia police have had to tend to a seal that wandered out of the water.

On Valentine's Day, officers with the RCMP's Inverness District found a baby seal waddling close to a highway in Newtown.

Police captured it with a net and even snapped a photo of the marine mammal appearing to smile in the back of a truck.

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