03/05/2015 06:17 EST | Updated 05/05/2015 05:59 EDT

Toronto Hydro says 500 homes still without power after storm

Toronto Hydro said around 500 homes were still cut off from power on Thursday, more than 24 hours after a weather system did serious damage to power infrastructure in the city.

The power company’s online outage map shows several neighbourhoods are still in the dark, with Etobicoke and North York appearing to be hardest-hit.

Some, including Etobicoke’s Sandra Lanzilotta and her family, have gone more than 24 hours without power.

"You just feel like your bones are aching," Lanzilotta said, of living without the heat on.

Hydro crews have been working around the clock to repair the damage done on Tuesday night. Officials said the messy snow and ice mix, coupled with salt spray kicked up from the roads, caused electrical fires across the city.

Similar pole fires are common in the winter months, but Toronto Hydro is used to dealing with one every two weeks or so, not 50 in one night, its CEO said Wednesday.

"There is no doubt that progress is being made," said Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines, referring to the repair efforts.

The storm left 87,000 people without power during its peak on Tuesday night.