03/06/2015 04:53 EST | Updated 03/10/2015 04:59 EDT

Project Launches Consent Condoms To Help End Sexual Assault

The Consent Project

In order to reduce sexual assault on campuses in the U.S., one group is raising awareness with rubber.

In collaboration with non-profit organization FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture and Say It With A Condom, the campaign has released consent condoms, urging people to always talk about sex before doing it.

"We believe that asking for consent and receiving a 'Yes!' before engaging in sexual activity is absolutely necessary — every time and with any partner," the project's site reads.

Some of the condoms read, "Consent Is Never Implied," "Drinking Is Not A Crime. Rape Is," and "Sex or Rape? The Difference Is Consent." Marked up with bold colours and bold fonts, each condom costs $3. The site will also release t-shirts and accessories with a similar nature.

According to CBC's report on 87 institutions in the country, sexual assault reporting on Canadian campuses is quite low, and very few students are coming forward with their experiences.

Now while these condoms may not end sexual assault as a whole, it's opening up conversations on student campuses on healthy relationships and safe sex.

Check out all of the condom designs below:

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