03/06/2015 03:21 EST | Updated 03/06/2015 03:59 EST

10 Reasons Godfrey Gao Is The Perfect Face For Canada Tourism

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HONGKONG,CHINA - OCTOBER 24:Actor Godfrey Gao attends Piaget banquet at Peninsula Hotel on Thursday October 24,2013 in Hong Kong,China.(Photo by TPG/Getty Images)

Godfrey Gao is quickly becoming one of our favourite Canadian exports!

Not only has the Taiwanese-born Canadian model and actor made us proud by being the first Asian model to appear in a Louis Vuitton ad, he's also just signed a deal to become the Canadian Tourism Commission's (CTC) new ambassador for its marketing and awareness campaign within the Chinese market.

The 30-year-old, who was raised in Vancouver, will host CTCTV, an online biweekly program that covers news and travel in Canada, documenting his urban adventures in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler.

And judging by his Instagram, it looks like Godfrey is already well on his way to exploring Canada, and is doing a hell of a good job of documenting it. Seriously, could they find a more perfect ambassador?

Not convinced? Here's why his Godliness makes the perfect face for Canada tourism:

1. He Appreciates A Good Smoked Meat Sandwich

As any good Canadian should!

2. He's Mastered The Art Of A Nighttime CN Tower Pic

It's been a pleasure! #TheSix #416 #Toronto #explorecanada #seeyousoon 回頭見!

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

And lovingly refers to Toronto as #TheSix.

3. He Loves His Timmies

Finally got my #icecap #TimHortons #timmyhos #brainfreeze #explorecanada

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

And will even suffer through brain freeze for an Iced Cap.

4. He Supports His Home Team

#staplescenter #lakings vs #vancouvercanucks Lets go #Canucks !!! #hockeynight

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

Go Canucks, go!

5. He Appreciates Our Country's Cathedrals

Eye catching 👀#stmaryschurch #explorecanada #Toronto #CathedralToronto

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

And photographs it beautifully.

6. He Supports Canadian Designers

And looks damn good doing it!

7. He Knows Where To Shop

復古懷舊風情的感覺 #Kensington #vintageshops #Toronto #explorecanada 👜💼🎩👒👞

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

And is kind enough to share his findings.

8. He Participates In Our Nation's Outdoor Activities

We're surprised his hotness didn't melt that snow!

9. And Tries Out The Different Cuisines Our Country Has To Offer

He's even learning to make these dishes! Chef Godfrey at your service!

10. He Looks Damn Sexy Repping His Country

#teamcanadabasketball #basketballneverstops #getbuckets

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

Need we say more?


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