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These 10 Artists' Makeup Transformations Will Leave You Astounded

For many people, makeup is the difference between a morning brimming with confidence and a morning fielding questions from co-workers on why you look so different. (Spoiler alert: they didn't get a haircut, so you should probably stop asking.)

A smear of lipstick here; a stroke of mascara there; a smudge of foundation everywhere. Sure, it doesn't sound like much but in the right hands, makeup is all it takes to pull off a complete transformation.

But don't take our word for it. Just ask Nichole Richie on what makeup can do after hanging out with YouTube star-turned-artist-extraordinaire, Kandee Johnson.

Aside from the foundations of well... foundation, Johnson shares how makeup isn't about covering up what your momma gave you -- it's about manipulating lights and shadows to show off or hide your features.

And while contouring should be enough for most people (it's worked wonders for Kim Kardashian), that's just scratching the surface of what makeup can do. Just take a look at what these 10 makeup artists can do with their palette and a fresh face.

Let's start with Kandee.

💋red lip party! Come see the video & where I filmed that link in my bio for a good time!! I hope....

A photo posted by Kandee Johnson (@kandeejohnson) on

When she isn't hanging out with celebrities like Conan O'Brien or Nicole Richie, Kandee spends her time transforming herself into other celebs.

Here's her take on Poison Ivy/ Uma Thurman.

She also does a mean rendition of Betty Boob.

Then there's the stylings of Melissa Murphy.

If you remember that viral story of adult entertainers without makeup, then this is the artist behind the images just about everyone turned into a slideshow.

Here's her work on adult actress Nikita Von James.

But let's not forget about Hulk Hogan Lucia Pittalis.


A photo posted by Lucia Pittalis (@lucia_pittalis) on

The Italian-based makeup artist and portrait painter also has a knack for transformation.

Just take a look at her Walter White/ Bryan Cranston.

But it's not just ladies who've mastered this art.

This is Paolo Ballesteros.

According to his Instagram, the TV host and actor spends his time transforming himself into some of Hollywood's leading ladies.

Watch him morph into Ellen DeGeneres before your eyes.

But Ballesteros isn't the only guy with a strong makeup game.

Everyone, meet Jan Bonito.

Bonito made his claim to fame with his "American Horror Story" makeup transformations. But he's branched out in the past months.

His Jack Nicholson is on point.

But not all male makeup artists are one for self-transformations.

This is the work of Vadim Andreev.

The Russian makeup artist has made a name for himself with his ability to leave his customers nearly unrecognizable.

And his skills aren't just limited to women, either.

But makeup isn't just for making people pretty. It can also change people into works of art. Literally.

Just ask make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan and her partner, Alexander Khokhlov.

The duo, along with Veronica Ershova, combined makeup, photography and digital imagery to transform 2D images into 3D works of art.

We present to you, Exhibit A:

Speaking of art, here's an example of some home-grown talent that draws inspiration from the funny pages.

Yes, it looks like Captain Planet, but her name is actually Lianne Moseley.

Fans of Archer (and comic books) will get a kick out of the 25-year-old Calgarian's work.

Not your kind of animation?

Then consider the work of Promise Phan.

A Whole new World...

A photo posted by Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) on

The YouTube makeup guru is well-regarded for her take on Disney princesses but tackles plenty of fictional characters with ease.

Here's her rendition of Gamora from "Guardians Of The Galaxy".

Lady Hulk or Gamora !? 😆

A photo posted by Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) on

And if you're looking to unleash your wild side, talk to Maria Malone-Guerbaa.

Hiiii ...... Video #cougar #facepaint using Kryolan paints from @kryolanofficial ... XXX

A video posted by Make up Artist MMG (@mariamalone1122) on

The U.K.'s Daily Mail wrote about Malone-Guerbaa after she transformed herself into a deer for Christmas.

Yup. It's pretty... adoeable.

#reindeer #facepaint it was so hard !!!! Using #kryolan from @charleshfoxltd

A photo posted by Make up Artist MMG (@mariamalone1122) on

Did we miss any top-notch makeup artists? Let us know in the comments below!

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