03/06/2015 06:22 EST | Updated 03/06/2015 06:59 EST

Nickelback's Disco Song 'She Keeps Me Up' Is Making Us Reconsider Staying Alive

Nickelback's latest track posted to YouTube is part disco, part Maroon 5, and all terrible.

The Vancouver-based band uploaded its track "She Keeps Me Up" to the video sharing website on Wednesday, and it gives its haters plenty of fuel.

The song sounds like something Maroon 5 might have written. In fact, if you took away Chad Kroeger's voice and replaced it with Adam Levine's, you might never have known the difference. And hated it all the same.

This brings to mind an old joke: "Nickelback walks into a bar. There's no punch line because there's nothing funny about ruining music."

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