03/06/2015 07:11 EST | Updated 03/06/2015 07:59 EST

Samsung's 'Dream Doghouse' Was Made For Over US$30,000

You could spend $30,000 on a home, or you could splash it on your dog. It's up to you

For many people, their dogs are like their children. And you wouldn't let your children live in some kind of hovel, would you?

Of course not. Which is probably why Samsung has created a "dream doghouse" it is presenting at U.K. dog show Crufts 2015, which takes place in Birmingham from March 5 to 8, CNBC reported Wednesday.

The "dog kennel of the future," as Samsung calls it, has two pods. One has vinyl wallpaper and an automatic feeder, where the dog can access kibble by pressing a button with its paw.

The other pod has pillows and a Samsung tablet where the dog can catch up on Netflix shows. Or something.

Also featured with the doghouse are a turf treadmill and a hydrotherapeutic pool.

It has not been put up for sale, CNBC pointed out, but the company did reveal it cost $30,000 to make. Samsung U.K. offered the house as one of a number of prizes in a Twitter competition for which invited entrants to tweet pictures of their dogs at the company.

This canine won out in the end:

Impressive though it is, the "dream doghouse" doesn't mark the only time we've seen incredible living spaces for pets.

Vancouver company Straight Line Designs last year sold luxury trailers for dogs that cost at least C$800. Which seems a pittance next to what it cost to build Samsung's dream dog home.

Here are some more impressive doghouses we've seen in the past:

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