03/09/2015 10:31 EDT | Updated 03/09/2015 10:59 EDT

Amber Rose's Response To Slut Shaming Is Awesome

Haters gonna hate!

Amber Rose shut down slut shamers in typical Amber Rose fashion: by posing in sexy lingerie.

On Saturday, the mom took to Instagram and posted a pic of herself showing off her gorgeous figure in a black-and-gold bra and fancy undies.

U Guys Love Slut Shaming Huh? Good. I feed off that shit. #HowtobeAbadBitch 💋

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

The 31-year-old model captioned the pic, "U Guys Love Slut Shaming Huh? Good. I feed off that shit. #HowtobeAbadBitch."

The revealing photo and its caption were a bold statement aimed towards the recent negativity about her sexy image.

Last month, Amber's ex Kanye West dissed his ex-girlfriend, saying, "It's very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that's with Amber Rose...I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim."

Even Amber's estranged husband Wiz Khalifa stooped to an all-time low when he called the mother of his two-year-old child a "thot" ("That ho over there") in a verse from the new Juicy J single "For Everybody," which dropped last week.

"Because you've seen Rose topless, because she’s dared to twerk for Instagram, and because she wears sheer dresses on red carpets, to many observers, West and Wiz have the high moral ground to slander her as a mother and as a woman," wrote the Daily Beast's Stereo Williams in a scathing piece on the "slut-shaming epidemic" in rap culture. "They are more than willing to publicly stone a woman they used to love because patriarchy has conditioned them to believe they have that right as men."

He continued, "Amber Rose is hot. Amber Rose is also a mom. Amber Rose was also a wife. And if T.I. can be a convicted felon who’s rapped about sex, guns, and drugs and still be 'father knows best' on 'The Family Hustle' once a week, why is a sexy woman suddenly an unfit mother just because she posts photos in her lingerie?"

Good question. Enough with the slut shaming already! Amber Rose looks gorgeous and should be free to post sexy pics of herself without judgement.

Keep on doing your thing, girl!

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