03/09/2015 04:41 EDT | Updated 03/09/2015 04:59 EDT

Owner Accidentally Packs Chihuahua In A Suitcase

We may have just found the world's sneakiest dog.

We may have just found the world's sneakiest dog.

The TSA is urging customers to double-check their packed bags after a tiny chihuahua was found stowed in a suitcase at LaGuardia airport in New York last week.

According to the administration's Instagram page, after a baggage alarm went off at the airport, officers found the dog tucked away in the owner's packed luggage.

The owner says the seven-year-old dog had accidentally gone into her bag while she was packing for a trip to Los Angeles, notes Newsday. According to the TSA, the dog has been reunited with the owner, unharmed.

While finding living, breathing animals is one interesting airport find (and it has even happened in the past with 50 turtles), people try to sneak in everything from obviously illicit firearms and drugs to probably-not-legal live eels.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes, you can travel with your pets — there are often charges or requirements for them to sit with you in the cabin, but just be sure to check with your airline before you leave.

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