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20 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles For Men (PHOTOS)

Just like we love a man in a suit, we love a man with great hair.

And great hair can mean a number of things. It can be short and sharp, long and wavy, or, if you're Jared Leto, an ombre dream. But for some men, finding the perfect hairstyle can be difficult. Well, we want to help!

We've rounded up some of the best male manes in Hollywood to give all the men out there a little inspiration. Just check our favourite hairstyles for men below:

  • Side-Parted And Pushed Back
    Side-Parted And Pushed Back
    Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images
    Benedict Cumberbatch's classic style looks polished and so handsome all the time.
  • Parted Classic Cut
    Parted Classic Cut
    Tony Barson via Getty Images
    Ryan Gosling's 'do is casual and laid back.
  • All-Over Curls
    All-Over Curls
    Mike Coppola via Getty Images
    Ladies aren't the only ones who can let their natural hair shine! Aaron Johnson is proof.
  • Perfectly Tousled
    Perfectly Tousled
    Dan MacMedan via Getty Images
    Eddie Redmayne's undone hair is just perfect. And yes, men can have tousled hair too!
  • Lots Of Volume
    Lots Of Volume
    Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images
    Robert Pattinson's voluminous hair is actually quite mesmerizing. It's definitely a style for the bold.
  • A Modern Spike
    A Modern Spike
    Victor Chavez via Getty Images
    Godfrey Gao's modern spiked 'do is polished without looking too perfect.
  • Serious Flow
    Serious Flow
    Jonathan Leibson via Getty Images
    We love Paul Rudd's slightly grown out 'do. Great for the men with relaxed style.
  • Just A Little Bit Of Volume
    Just A Little Bit Of Volume
    Steve Granitz via Getty Images
    John Legend's short 'do is great for the low maintenance men of the world.
  • Salt And Pepper Classic Cut
    Salt And Pepper Classic Cut
    Taylor Hill via Getty Images
    George Clooney's salt and pepper classic cut is so good.
  • Short On The Sides And Volume On Top
    Short On The Sides And Volume On Top
    Danny Martindale via Getty Images
    We're saying this on the record: David Beckham has one of the best heads of hair, period. It's just always so good.
  • Shaggy Yet Put Together
    Shaggy Yet Put Together
    Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
    Don't you just want to run your hands through Ian Somerhalder's shaggy locks? (We do.)
  • Volume On An Angle
    Volume On An Angle
    David Livingston via Getty Images
    Harry Shum Jr's spiked style is unique and fun.
  • An Artful 'Do
    An Artful 'Do
    Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images
    David Lynch's voluminous hair is literally art.
  • A Little Bit Of Volume
    A Little Bit Of Volume
    Chelsea Lauren via Getty Images
    Lenny Kravitz's mini afro is perfectly badass, especially on the glam rocker.
  • Slicked Back And Lifted
    Slicked Back And Lifted
    Mike Marsland via Getty Images
    Nick Jonas' hair is like a more polished version of David Lynch's, and we love it.
  • A Close Shave
    A Close Shave
    Steve Granitz via Getty Images
    A close shave like Pharrell's is just as stylish when it's longer too, especially with the crisp and clean outlines.
  • All Combed Back
    All Combed Back
    Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
    Doesn't Brad Pitt's hair look sexy pushed back?
  • Extra Flow
    Extra Flow
    Steve Granitz via Getty Images
    Bradley Cooper's flowing locks look oh-so-soft and touchable.
  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles
    Francois G. Durand via Getty Images
    Like Aaron Johnson, Harry Styles lets his natural curls loose, and we're all for it. It's an easy style, that's for sure.
  • Long Ombre Locks
    Long Ombre Locks
    Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images
    Jared Leto's glorious ombre (pre-platinum) is a style for the brave only.

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