03/09/2015 04:32 EDT | Updated 03/10/2015 03:59 EDT

Daylight Saving Time: John Oliver Asks How It's Still A Thing (VIDEO)

Leave it to late-night host John Oliver to ask the important questions: namely, how is daylight saving time still a thing?

On "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver," the hilarious host questioned why the time switch even exists in the first place. And guess what? It's not because of farmers, which is often the most common assumption. (Sorry, Homer.)

Oliver even explores what other countries around the world think about daylight saving time. In the video, you'll see that it's not received well internationally, either.

If you're not dozing off at your desk yet today, give this video a watch. It'll be well worth that hour we all lost this past weekend.

(Watch video, above.)

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