03/09/2015 07:40 EDT | Updated 05/09/2015 05:59 EDT

Toronto thaw could pose problems for home owners

Torontonians are happily welcoming this week’s above-zero temperatures, but the city is warning the warmer weather could cause some flooding problems.

Environment Canada expects every day this week will break the freezing mark, with a weekly high of 9 C coming on Tuesday, but night time temperatures will dip back below 0 C.


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The warmer temperatures, combined with a relatively large amount of snow on the ground after a bitterly cold winter, could cause basements and areas near waterways to flood.

On Twitter, the City of Toronto warned the melting snow will need somewhere to go and urged residents to make sure their catch basins and downspouts weren’t blocked by ice.

Meanwhile, roofers like Shay Barat will be busy guarding against "ice dams," which build up on houses as the temperature seesaws around the freezing mark.

"If we get more melt we get more (ice) buildup," Barat said, noting this becomes an issue the longer it goes on.

"It keeps building up and building up all the way up the roof."

The thaw, however, will be welcome news to those who struggled with frozen pipes for the past two months and to city staff who struggled to keep vital infrastructure functioning amid the cold.