03/10/2015 11:48 EDT

Heritage Minute Mash-Up Celebrates Drake (And Canada, To A Lesser Extent)

Started from the bottom, now we're here.

Sure, every Canadian alive makes fun of Heritage Minutes, but now, after weeks of editing by Thought Café, there's a new sort of Heritage Minute -- one that doesn't have old-timey music or clothes, or a moose, or someone running through the woods.

Introducing the first-ever Heritage Minute mash-up, featuring one of the most prominent Canadians of the moment: Drake. To put it more accurately, the mash-up compiles old Heritage Minutes to deliver the lyrics of Drake's song "Started From The Bottom."

Strangely, the video corresponds to Twitter account OVO Heritage Moments, which features six-second Vine clips of Drake's career as "part of our heritage."

Great minds think alike, it seems.

(Watch for yourself, above.)

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