03/10/2015 01:24 EDT | Updated 05/10/2015 05:59 EDT

Heritage Minutes rap Drake lyrics in 'most Canadian mashup of all time'

Drake now has his own Heritage Minute, in a manner of speaking. 

Historica Canada recently partnered with a Toronto animation studio to cut together clips from the iconic educational videos in a manner that makes them appear to rap the lyrics from Drizzy's 2013 hit song Started from the Bottom. 

"Drake meets Heritage Minutes in the most Canadian mashup of all time," says Historica on its YouTube post. 

Thought Café cut up portions of dialogue from the original 60-second short fims, which first aired in 1991, and reassembled them to rap the lyrics from the chart-topping track (the video for which was shot predominantly in and around Toronto.) 

Released Tuesday, Historica's "A Part OVO Heritage" is actually a promo for a new Heritage Minute that "drops 2015," according to the on-screen text at the video's conclusion. 

Coincidentally, a parody twitter account, @OVOHeritage launched less than two weeks ago. It posts Vine videos that are part of our collective Drake heritage, like when Jimmy got shot on Degrassi. 

Historica made sure that its imitator was aware of the new video: