03/10/2015 11:38 EDT | Updated 05/10/2015 05:59 EDT

NDP Leader Rachel Notley calls for investigation into baby's death

EDMONTON - Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley says it’s disturbing that a baby’s death went unreported for two months when she was supposed to be receiving provincial care.

The baby girl died on Jan. 4 but the Human Services Ministry didn’t find out about it until March 2.

Human Services is saying little about the baby’s death, other than it was medically related, and that there is no criminal investigation currently underway.

Notley says there needs to be an investigation, considering the six-month-old girl was already on the province’s radar.

Notley says the sheer number of deaths of children in care points to a systemic problem.

She says there have already been more child fatalities in care this year than ever before.

Notley says not only are front-line workers at Human Resources stretched too thin, but recent cuts to the Office of the Alberta Child Advocate are wrong-headed, and show how low a priority at-risk children are to the Conservative government.