03/10/2015 04:58 EDT | Updated 05/10/2015 05:59 EDT

No spitting, swearing or panhandling: Taber, Alta., cracks down on nuisance

TABER, Alta. - A look at some of the provisions of Taber, Alta.'s Community Standards Bylaw:

CURFEW: No one under 16 in a public place between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless with a parent or guardian. Exception if a young person is involved in an emergency or is in a motor vehicle travelling from one point to another without any detour. Bylaw also excludes young people "acting in the interests of an employer or voluntary organization or while directly returning home, without detour, as soon as reasonably practical, from an organized school or community event, which has been supervised by an adult."

NUISANCE AND GRAFFITI: No graffiti allowed. Urination or the "deposit of any human waste" prohibited in a public place other than a public washroom. Spitting banned on "any public property or on private property that they do not own."

ASSEMBLY AND PANHANDLING: Fighting and loitering prohibited. Ban on being "a member of the assembly of three or more persons in any public place where a peace officer has reasonable grounds to believe the assembly will disturb the peace of the neighbourhood." Panhandling banned.

NOISE: "No person shall yell, scream, or swear in any public place." No bar owner "shall permit any noise to emanate from the drinking establishment in a manner which annoys or disturbs any person outside the boundary of the premises." Also prohibited are "any electronic equipment, musical instruments, vehicles or any other devices to be sounded or used in any area of the town of Taber, that may, or is likely, to disturb others." Exemption for sanctioned events.