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Spring 2015 Hair Trends: What's In, What's Out, And What's To Come

New season, new 'do!

'Tis the time to switch up your locks (hey, even Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto are doing it!), and who better to look for to the hottest spring 2015 hair trends than celebrity stylist Darrell Redleaf? The hairstylist extraordinaire has styled Britney Spears', Gwyneth Paltrow's and Cameron Diaz's locks, to name a few, and is the man responsible for Selena Gomez's lob.

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We caught up with Darrell to find out what's in for spring, and which 'dos we should be ditching. Read on below to learn more!

Ditch Your Extensions

"I don't want to bash any extension companies, that's for sure, but they've had their run," Darrell tells us. "I think there's a big trend of going back to a natural [style], which means a lot less extensions. In fact, extensions are starting to look more out of place. I think with the advent of 'Real Housewives' of pick-your-city, it's 'jumped the shark,' as they say in Hollywood. It's a little too much and a little unnatural, and I think that women are kind of over it -- even their husbands, boyfriends, lovers, whatever are kinda going, 'What are you doing?' Plus extensions, they hurt. Let's just work out a style you won't have to deal with after the evening's over!"

And for those of you using extensions to plump up your thin locks, try Viviscal, an all-natural supplement that fortifies and thickens your hair from within. After three to six months of continuous use it'll give you thick locks a la Selena Gomez -- Darrell swears by it!

The Lob Is Still Going Strong

"Everyone is catching on to the lob," says Darrell. "If you look to Emma Stone and Naomi Watts, who both looked really cool at the Oscars, you'll see that destructured, kinda edgy style. It almost has an A-line feel to it, a little higher in the back and coming down the front. As you know, fashion and style recycles every 20 years, so if you turn the clock back to 1995, you're going to see a lot of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campell, Cindy Crawford, who all had a very free style. Cut to 2015, and we've kind of taken a nod from that naturalness, except it's a little edgier, and a little more future, so I think that's where the trend is going."

Forgo The Ombre

"The ombre look kind of died out -- it looks a little dated now," says Darrell. Instead, go for highlights that frame the face. "I'm still seeing the root at the top of the head and crown of the head, but there's a lot more brightness around the face, so you're not seeing that drop. It's moved up around the face."

Go For Polish Over That Boho Look

"We have definitely gotten away from any boho, hippie, beachy, mermaid [hair.] That's done! Over! That's a little too destructured and unkept." Instead, it's all about looking groomed and polished. "I'm seeing a trend of hot rollers returning, where women and girls are setting their hair in them and brushing it out so it has more volume, and a natural kind of structure, that's less busy, less complicated, and less messy. People want to look a little more styled -- there's more polish happening."

Need some hair inspo to bring to your hair dresser? Check out our fave celebrity lobs below:

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