03/10/2015 04:03 EDT | Updated 05/10/2015 05:59 EDT

Edmonton BASE Jumpers Arrested After Man Jumps From Crane

EDMONTON - Edmonton police are investigating another case of someone parachuting off a structure in the city.

Police say a man jumped from a crane Monday night after three men broke into a construction site.

The three were arrested and charges were pending.

This is the third BASE jumping incident in Edmonton in the past few years.

In December 2013, Edmonton police charged a man with trespassing after he allegedly jumped off a downtown high rise.

The previous August, three people parachuted from the same building and were charged with trespassing.

Supt. Kevin Galvin said people who BASE jump in the city are selfish because it diverts police away from doing other work.

"These people have little regard for the number of police resources that are dispatched to this type of call — a situation where it was believed someone was in distress," he said Tuesday.

"These types of incidents pull police resources that are already overstretched away from those who do require assistance.”

BASE jumping, which stands for building, antenna, span, and Earth, is an extreme sport that can be deadly.

Last year, a Calgary physician was killed in northern Arizona while BASE jumping near the Grand Canyon.

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