03/11/2015 03:38 EDT | Updated 03/11/2015 05:59 EDT

'22 Minutes' Spoofs Sex Ed Across Canada Amid Ontario's Curriculum Controversy

Just wait until you see how they do it in Nova Scotia.

Controversy is swirling around Ontario's Health and Physical Education Curriculum for elementary school students.

The Institute for Canadian Values has accused Kathleen Wynne's government of "corrupting children." Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant has called on federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to "order" the Ontario Liberals to scrap the curriculum altogether. Oh, and plenty of sex educators and parents are praising the curriculum for its much-needed update for a new generation.

People clearly have a lot of feelings about this. Maybe it's time for a Canadian icon to weigh in.

Enter "This Hour Has 22 Minutes." The satirical comedy show posted an uproarious clip to YouTube on Tuesday that mocked (fake) sex education teachings across Canada.

If you found Ontario's curriculum objectionable, just wait until you see how they do it in Nova Scotia!

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