03/11/2015 10:01 EDT | Updated 05/11/2015 05:59 EDT

BC Ferries complaint gets @BCFerrys parody twitter account suspended

A complaint from BC Ferries has prompted Twitter to suspend a popular account that poked fun at the ferry corporation.

The @BCFerrys twitter handle — which uses a misspelled variation of the corporation's name — regularly tweeted out satire aimed at the ferry corporation

"Passengers who ordered hot dogs, please assemble at your mustard station," said one recent tweet.

"MV Coastal Renaissance is now delayed by an entire era, and will be re-christened MV Coastal Baroque," said another.

But BC Ferries says the public confused the fake account with its own twitter account @BCFerries, so it filed a trademark infringement complaint with Twitter.

It is not clear who is behind the anonymous account, but yesterday some fans of the spoof account noticed it had been suspended and all the previous tweets from the account were no longer viewable on Twitter.

One fan of the humorous micro blog is NDP ferry critic Claire Trevena, who says the ferry corporation shouldn't have shut down the parody.

"It's one of the only ones I've ever favourited. I find them very funny. It takes a little jab at BC Ferries," said Trevena.

Trevena said the ferry corporation should have been able to handle the joke without silencing the satirical account.

"I would hope BC Ferries can handle this and BC Ferries is providing a lot of fodder to this satirical account."

Customer confusion raises concerns

BC Ferries spokesperson Deborah Marshall says the corporation can take a joke, but the parody was creating problems.

"At times customers are getting confused between @BCFerries — our twitter account  — and this parody account. Sometimes even the media's getting confused," said Marshall.

While the account's name was a concern, the corporation's complaint to Twitter actually concerned the satirical accounts use of the corporation's old Dogwood logo, said Marshall.

And if its anonymous owners choose a new image @BCFerrys could be active again, she said.

In the meantime fans have since been keeping the memory of the parody account alive with the use of #FreeBCFerrys on Twitter.