03/11/2015 10:40 EDT | Updated 05/11/2015 05:59 EDT

@BCFerrys parody Twitter account suspended

A popular parody Twitter account of B.C. Ferries was suspended on Tuesday afternoon. 

@BCFerry's tweets became known for making surreal and satirical jabs at the real B.C. Ferries and provincial politics. 

It sent out messages such as, "Due to fog, passengers are requested to stand on the outer decks and yell" and "MV Coastal Renaissance is now delayed by an entire era, and will be re-christened MV Coastal Baroque."

But the provincial ferry corporation, which tweets through @BCFerries account, said it filed a trademark infringement complaint with Twitter over both the parody account's name and use of the corporations old Dogwood logo.

"At times, customers are getting confused between B.C. Ferries' twitter account and this parody account, sometimes even the media," said Deborah Marshall, a spokeswoman for B.C. Ferries.

Opposition ferry critic Claire Trevena said the ferry corporation needs to learn how to take a joke, and could have addressed any confusion without silencing the satirical account.

"It's one of the only ones I've ever favourited," Trevana said. "I find them very funny. It takes a little jab at BC Ferries ... BC Ferries is providing a lot of fodder to this satirical account."

However, Marshall insisted it's not because the corporation can't handle a little ribbing. She said the parody could return if the owners select a different profile picture, instead of using the corporation's old dogwood flag.  

"We get a good joke ... but we just want our customers to be getting the information they need," she said.