03/11/2015 02:42 EDT | Updated 03/11/2015 02:59 EDT

6 Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables That Make Healthy Snacks

From sweet fruits to strange-looking kiwis to even an artichoke that looks like ginger, these pieces of produce could be your new healthy snack.

They are the fruits and veggies that catch your eye in the produce aisle: the ones that intrigue you, but also intimidate you at the same time.

In the video above, dietitian Tatiana Castellino shows us six unique fruits and veggies that are actually pretty common (enough for you to see them at the supermarket), and explains why each one makes a healthy snack.

From sweet fruits to strange looking kiwis to even an artichoke that looks like ginger, Castellino also goes through the taste, texture and nutritional benefits of each food.

And with the arrival of spring, you may start seeing some of your other favourite fruits and veggies again. Springtime also means the return of radishes, baby bok choy, and one of our favourites, asparagus. Check out a full list of seasonal foods in the slideshow below.

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