03/11/2015 10:07 EDT | Updated 03/11/2015 10:59 EDT

Ireland Mistakenly Legalizes Ecstasy, Magic Mushrooms, Other Drugs

Consider this the luck of the Irish -- or not, depending on your perspective about illegal drugs.

An oversight on Ireland's Misuse of Drugs Act means that several different types of drugs are currently legal in the country, but only for a brief period of time.

A ruling in Ireland's Court of Appeal effectively invalidated the country's 1977 drug act, meaning that drugs which were previously illegal are now legal.

Amendments were added to the law via ministerial order, rather than referring to the legislature, thereby rendering drugs like ecstasy, ketamine and magic mushrooms legal for the time being.

Drugs like cannabis, heroin and cocaine, illegal before the 1977 drug act, are still prohibited.

Here is the quickly drafted emergency legislation (made available through Twitter user TJ_Politics):


Because the bill will only take effect a day after it's signed into law, the earliest these drugs could be re-criminalized would be midnight Thursday. That's enough time to hit up a rave, right?

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