03/11/2015 04:06 EDT | Updated 05/11/2015 05:59 EDT

John Daly accuses tour of not randomly selecting players for drug testing

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - John Daly was still steaming Wednesday over the PGA Tour's drug testing program that he says is too predictable to be random and was "a big joke."

Daly based his rant on being tested six consecutive years at the Valspar Championship, which starts this week at Innisbrook. His biggest complaint: Having to hold in it on the back nine of the tournament knowing he will be selected to provide a urine sample after his round.

"It's not fair to the tour guys," Daly said after his pro-am round. "I don't mind taking a drug test at all. When I'm sitting out here Thursday and Friday thinking I'm going to get drug tested, holding my (urine) for two hours, it affects your golf game."

Daly first vented about the testing on his SiriusXM radio show Tuesday night called "Hit it Hard with John Daly." Most of his anger was directed toward Andy Pazder, the PGA Tour's chief of operations, and commissioner Tim Finchem.

"It's not random," Daly said on his show. "Andy Pazder, if you're listening to the show, you and Tim Finchem, get off your (behind) and get it right. I'm tired of it. Because it has to be random. This is (expletive). I'm sorry. Fine me. I don't care what you do. But do it randomly. I know when I'm getting drug tested. That's sad. They all know when we're getting drug tested."

When asked if he had been drinking during the show, Daly replied, "We had a couple of drinks. We were just having fun more than anything."

The PGA Tour, which began its drug testing program in the summer of 2008, said Daly didn't have his facts straight.

"While our staff has met with John Daly in the past, including within the past year, to review the details of the program, it would appear we need to do so again based on his recent comments," the tour said in a statement.

The tour said it has explained to Daly that testing is random and selective. The policy allows for "target testing."

"We have also shared with him his own individual testing history," the tour said. "While it is not our practice to publicly comment on individual testing matters, we reserve the right to correct factually incorrect statements. Contrary to his assertions, John Daly has never been targeted for testing and his claim that players know when they will be tested is simply not true."

Daly said he "taking one for the team" because players were talking about it in Puerto Rico last week and he's not afraid to air his views. He said he expects to be fined for his comments.

When he finished talking, Ross Berlin, the tour's director of player relations, was waiting to speak to him. They spoke as they walked across the practice green and when Daly got into a cart to go back to the clubhouse, he smiled and said, "I already got my letter."

Daly said player know when they are getting tested because of the regularity. He wasn't making much sense Wednesday when he complained that the tour's drug testing was not random, and wished that it would be like the NFL "because they know when they're getting tested. We don't."

"They don't take it seriously, like Major League Baseball, and NFL takes it seriously," he said on his show. "They think it's a joke. Who knows? Finchem probably owns the drug testing company, anyway. And I'm pissed off about right now. It sucks. I know exactly when I'm getting tested. And hell, any guy on the PGA Tour (who) can fail a drug test is the most stupid (person) on the planet. And Andy Pazder, if you're listening to this, I'm so (ticked) off at you right now . because I know that Thursday morning, or Friday afternoon, John Daly will get tested at Tampa."