03/11/2015 04:00 EDT | Updated 05/10/2015 05:59 EDT

Ontario woman who arranged hit on parents seeks to appeal convictions

TORONTO - An Toronto-area woman who ordered a hit on her parents only to have her father survive is seeking to have her convictions overturned.

Jennifer Pan was found guilty in December of first-degree murder and attempted murder in the 2010 attack that left her mother dead and her father fighting for his life.

Her three co-accused — including her on-again, off-again boyfriend Daniel Wong — were convicted on the same charges.

All four were sentenced in January to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years on the murder conviction, and life for attempted murder. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

In her notice of appeal, the 28-year-old woman says the verdict was "unreasonable and not supported by the evidence."

Pan also argues the jury selection process was "fundamentally flawed," resulting in a jury that was "not properly composed."

One of her co-accused, Lenford Crawford, has also filed a notice of appeal, saying he should be re-tried on his own.

Wong's lawyer has said his client intends to appeal, but court officials said they hadn't yet received any documents to that effect.

In his decision, Judge Cary Boswell said Pan committed an "unfathomable" betrayal by plotting to have her parents murdered in the very place they should have felt safest — the family home in Markham, Ont.

Prosecutors said Pan set the plan in motion after her parents forced her to choose between them and Wong, her high-school sweetheart turned drug dealer.

Pan bristled at her parents' strict rules, and the couple had recently discovered that much of what she'd told them over the past decade — including that she'd attended and graduated university — was a lie, court heard during trial.

She moved back home after receiving the ultimatum and the family seemed on its way to reconciliation when the Nov. 8, 2010, attack occurred, court heard.

The attack initially appeared as a home invasion. Pan told police three men broke in, tied her up and ransacked the house before shooting her parents.

Who exactly fired the shots remains unclear, and prosecutors said neither Wong nor Crawford were at the home that night. It's alleged they acted as middle-men.

The lawyer for another co-accused, David Mylvaganam, has said his client was not inside the house, nor did he shoot anyone.

A trial for a fifth co-accused, Eric Carty, has not been held yet.