03/11/2015 06:00 EDT | Updated 05/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Set For Life Lottery Winner Plans To Buy New Teeth With Winnings

Dental impression of ceramic
Thomas Demarczyk via Getty Images
Dental impression of ceramic
A handyman who lives in a rural eastern Nova Scotia community says he plans to buy a new set of dentures now that he has won a $675,000 lottery prize.

"I want a new set of false teeth," said James Hanlon of Isaacs Harbour.

He says he also plans to keep working because doing so "keeps you young."

"It didn’t faze me a bit," he said. 

Hanlon opted for the lump sum payment of $675,000 from his Set For Life winnings.

"First, I’ve got my eye on a new car," he said. "It’ll be my first brand new car ever. I pick it up on Friday." 

Hanlon purchased his ticket at Robin’s Donuts in Antigonish, N.S. The retailer will receive a one per cent seller’s prize.

This is the second of four top prizes available on the current Set for Life ticket, according to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation's website. 


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