03/11/2015 10:43 EDT | Updated 05/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Vet looking into death of show dog says unclear if it was poisoned at premier British event

BRUSSELS - The veterinarian looking into last week's suspect death of a show dog that returned from Britain's premier canine event says it is still unclear whether material found in the animal would have been eaten upon his return in Belgium or earlier.

Dr. Patrick Jans said Wednesday that at the moment "nobody knows where and what the dog had been given to eat." Show dog Jagger, a 3-year-old Irish Setter, collapsed and died early Friday after leaving the Crufts show in Birmingham, causing an international outcry since there were fears it was poisoned at the show.

Jans told the Associated Press that there may be an indication of the moment of intake once it has been established whether and what poison was used. Results are expected next week.