03/12/2015 10:44 EDT

Blind Husky Needs A Home With His Sled Dog Brother

We hope you have a box of tissues ready, because this one's a doozy.

Poncho and Gonzo are Alaskan husky brothers, approaching retirement from sledding as they near 10 years of age. The Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel is urging the two dogs be adopted together for one very important reason: Gonzo is totally blind, and relies on Poncho as his own personal guide dog.

Both born with sight, the kennel noticed Gonzo's eye condition when he was about three years old, and subsequently removed one of his eyes. With Poncho by his side, nudging his brother in the correct direction on the sled path, the two continued to run sleds until Gonzo had to have his other eye removed.

"At first it kind of upset him [Poncho] because it slightly hindered his ability to run straight because Gonzo was leaning up against him," musher Wes Guerin told WMUR 9.

"Over time, Poncho kind of realized he was the only thing keeping his brother on the trail. He started to help him. If there was a left turn coming up or a right turn, he’d pull him this way or nudge him that way and do whatever he had to do to make sure he [Gonzo] didn’t run off the trail or anything like that."

Most sled dogs retire once they hit old age, and are usually put up for adoption shortly thereafter. Sled dogs are outside working dogs, so it can be a tough adjustment for them to get used to floors, confinement and indoor life.

A small problem to consider when you're giving a home to two loving, adorable huskies, right?


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