03/12/2015 04:31 EDT | Updated 03/12/2015 04:59 EDT

Sam The Cat Has Eyebrows And 150,000 Instagram Followers

Eyebrows are having a major moment right now and this kitty's look is total proof.

Sam the cat started out as a stray on the streets of New York City. For nearly four days he sat alone huddled between two houses, until one day he found a family, a home and, not long after that, fame too.

Owner Amanda Collado says she never noticed Sam's eyebrows until a friend pointed them out months after she brought him into her home, but once she saw them, she knew she had to make him an Instagram account.

Sam first appeared online in 2012, and since has garnered a following of 150K Instagram followers and over 500K on Facebook.

Despite his permanently furrowed brow, Collado says Sam is not a nervous cat. "He's super playful and fun and he has a lot of fun but worried is definitely not one of his characteristics."

Watch the video above to learn how this cute kitty doubled its online following overnight.

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