03/12/2015 02:25 EDT | Updated 03/12/2015 02:59 EDT

'Game Of Thrones' Is Even More Like 'The Princess Bride' Than We Thought

Is it a kissing story? Yes. But it also has monsters, torture and revenge. Just like "The Princess Bride."

The latest video about "Game of Thrones" isn't quite a trailer for the upcoming season, but it is a great mashup with the 1987 fantasy film that has us even more hyped for the show's return.

We already knew about the similarities between Oberyn Martell and Inigo Montoya (both are out for revenge after close family members are killed), but we didn't even think about giants (wrestler Andre "The Giant" Roussimoff starred in the film) or the elaborate swordfighting.

Even George R.R. Martin's middle initials could stand in for "Princess Bride" director Rob Reiner.

This should be enough to hold us over until "Game of Thrones" season five premieres on April 12.

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